MCC: 2 years later… reunited at Morning Glory, New Acton.

It has been a long time since my last MCC post and a lot has happened during this time. Cousin A had became a mother to a very cute baby boy. Cousin K went on exchange to Japan. Recently Cousin K came back from her exchange, she suggested we should start our monthly catchups again,…

Orient Kitchen – Canberra’s Newest Chinese Barbecue.

Orient Kitchen opened their doors just before the end of 2015, increasing the number of Chinese barbecue stores in Canberra to eight (please correct me if I’m wrong). I finally got the chance to have lunch at Orient Kitchen, six months later…

Lunch session at Kinn Thai.

Since opening in Canberra last year, I have been to Kinn Thai numerous times, mostly for lunch. Besides Morks, Kinn Thai would have to be my other favourite Thai restaurant in Canberra.

MCC: The District, Crace.

It turns out it was my turn to choose where to have our MCC, I took a risk venturing out of the CBD and decided to go to Crace, a fairly new neighbourhood. Once again we plagued by the same problem as last time, we didn’t do enough research. We originally planned to visit The…

MCC: Dumplings @ Yat Bun Tong

I was actually excited for our next MCC (Monthly Cousin Catchup) because we were planning on going to the newly opened Japanese restaurant on Lonsdales Street, Chaki Chaki. Unfortunately, they are closed on Sunday’s and Monday’s and it was a Monday when MCC happened. We were sad and disappointed. Because we wanted Japanese food and…

Lunch @ MY’s Restaurant, Weston

A while back, I went to MY’s Restaurant for lunch with the family. It has been nearly 5 years since the last time I went to MY’s Restaurant, maybe even longer since it was at their old premise.

Quick lunch at Fujiyama, Coogee

After a three hour drive, I arrived at Coogee. The first thing I do was to find a place to get a feed. From just  walk down the road from where I’m staying, I found  Japanese hole in the wall.

My favourite Korean restaurant, Chez Kimchi

My first encounter with korean food would have to be 15 years ago, when I was still in primary school. At lunch time, my korean friend would eat from his shiny metal lunch box, which was always filled with a variety of delicious korean delicacies, while I would be nibbling on my strawberry jam sandwich….