Orient Kitchen – Canberra’s Newest Chinese Barbecue.

Orient Kitchen opened their doors just before the end of 2015, increasing the number of Chinese barbecue stores in Canberra to eight (please correct me if I’m wrong). I finally got the chance to have lunch at Orient Kitchen, six months later… Advertisements

Lunch @ MY’s Restaurant, Weston

A while back, I went to MY’s RestaurantΒ for lunch with the family. It has been nearly 5 years since the last time I went to MY’s Restaurant, maybe even longer since it was at their old premise.

International pastry chef hidden in Weston?!

While on my stroll down at Weston, tired, hot and hungry, I attemped to find a place that would still be open at this time. Late afternoon. Walking pass all the restaurants, not a single one was open. This was because lunch service ended two hours ago. With little hope left I finished walking down…