MCC: 2 years later… reunited at Morning Glory, New Acton.

It has been a long time since my last MCC post and a lot has happened during this time. Cousin A had became a mother to a very cute baby boy. Cousin K went on exchange to Japan. Recently Cousin K came back from her exchange, she suggested we should start our monthly catchups again, which I thought was an excellent idea. Searching on Instagram for some inspiration, I noticed that Morning Glory had opened up in the New Acton precinct. I was curious about the place so I recommended we meet up there.

I ordered a kaya latte while I was waiting for Cousin A and K to arrive. The latte had a distinct coconut flavour however I didn’t pickup on any pandan flavour. When the cousins arrived, I ordered the Sour Sop Shake and Cousin K got the Adzuki Coconut Shake. The Sour Sop shake was really refreshing and the ginger gave the right amount of heat at the back of the throat. Cousin K said the first flavour you taste is the redbean, followed by the hint of coconut. She told me that she would definitely order this again next time. Cousin A ordered a hot chocolate but I had forgotten to take photos of it.

Ordering food was such a pain for Cousin A and myself. There was so many items on the menu that we were interested in. Cousin A ended up ordering the Hainanese Chicken Wrap, poached chicken, avocado, chilli relish and scallion salsa served on house made scallion pancake. Cousin A said the flavours were spot on and resembled the real Hainanese chicken dish. She also ordered a side of chicken and veal meatballs, which I once again forgot to take photos.

Cousin K ordered the Granola, which was served with a pumpkin lassi. She said the granola itself was delicious but the pumpkin lassi was a lacking flavour. Overall it was just a fancy cereal.

I ordered the Cauliflower Upma, cauliflower florets served with curry leaves, fried egg and house made paratha. The cauliflower florets were cooked in a variety of spices, I picked up on fennel seeds and chilli. I also got a side order of the Char Siu Bacon, which was really tasty.

After our meals, we were approached by the waitstaff asking whether we would like some cakes or dessert. As soon as she mentioned black sesame waffles, Cousin A and my eyes instantly widened up. We shared the waffle between three of us and every bite was so satisfying. The Black Sesame Waffle is served with a thai milk tea ice cream, fresh raspberries and a sheet of white chocolate. The waffle was light and fluffy and paired very well with the milk tea ice cream.

We have made arrangements to meet up next month. Hopefully this monthly cousin catchup will last longer than the last ones.

Morning Glory

Address: New Acton Pavilion, 2/15 Edinburgh Avenue, Canberra, ACT 2601

Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday, 6am to 4pm

Phone: (02) 62576464

Website: Morning Glory

Instagram: /morningglory_dining

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