MCC: The District, Crace.

It turns out it was my turn to choose where to have our MCC, I took a risk venturing out of the CBD and decided to go to Crace, a fairly new neighbourhood. Once again we plagued by the same problem as last time, we didn’t do enough research. We originally planned to visit The Drawing Room but unfortunately they are closed on Mondays. So we went down the road to The District.

As Cousin A lived close by, she knows the menu very well and gave us a lot of recommendations on what was good. One recommendation was the Arancini Balls $13.0. These are fried balls of risotto rice with thyme, mushroom and cheese, served with a pea purée, aioli and salad. When you bite into the Arancini ball, you are greeted with lots of stringy mozzarella cheese.

The other entree we ordered was the Spicy Buffalo Wings $15, you would know by not I am a huge sucker for chicken wings, so this was a must order item. There are 8 pieces of crispy chicken wings in one serve. Although it says ‘spicy’, I found the wings itself weren’t actually spicy. There is a container of hot sauce and aioli, which you can dip the buffalo wings for added spiciness/creaminess.

When it came to mains, Cousin K and myself were in the mood for some meat, so we both got a piece of juicy porterhouse steak. Cousin A wanted something light yet satisfying so pasta was the way to go!

Surf and Turf $35, 300g porterhouse steak served with calamari, grilled prawns, creamy garlic sauce. We were all shocked when this was brought out to the table because of its size. Cousin K did have some problem finishing it all.

300g Porterhouse steak $20 (lunch special), served with choice of sauce and a beer/wine (I chose a lemon lime bitters). This was a really good value lunch option because just the 300g Porterhouse steak costs $29 and that is without a drink.

*All steaks are served with fresh garden salad and beer battered chips.

Seafood Pasta $25, a medley of prawns and squid in a light creamy sauce. This would have to be one of the cheapest seafood pastas I’ve ever seen as they are usually in the $30 mark because of the word ‘seafood’. Cousin A had no problem finishing this as she had just finished her gym session prior to the MCC. She even shared some seafood with me.

Peanut butter and caramel popcorn parfait $11.9

Cousin K ordered the Peanut butter and caramel popcorn parfait $11.9 to complete her meal. We were pretty impressed with this dessert because the peanut butter and caramel popcorn hit all the spots for us. This was an item on their weekly specials menu.


The District also have lots of weekday specials. Monday: 2 Pizzas, $25 (dine in only). Tuesday: Schnitzel Meal, $16. Wednesday: Porterhouse Meal, $25. Thursday: Burger Meal $20.

*Tuesday to Thursday specials come with tap beer or house wine.

There are also weekday specials that are available everyday. Calamari, Chicken Schnitzel or 300g Porterhouse and tap beer or house wine all for $20. Only available between 12pm to 3pm.

The District

Address: 56 Abena Avenue, Crace, 2911

Opening Hours:

Breakfast: Everyday 8am – 11.30am

Lunch/Dinner: Everyday 11.30am – late

Facebook: The District Crace

Phone: (02) 6174 3147

6 Comments Add yours

  1. I still dream about that steak. That is the exact combo I get even including the beverage!

    1. Oh wow we share so many similarities

      1. and I would push anyone over for a chicken wing.

        So yes! Lots of similarities hahaha

      2. Oh those were so good!!!

  2. I hear excellent things about this place, shame getting to it involves a tank of fuel and a packed lunch. Slight exaggeration, but it is the other side of town. First world foodie problems. 🙂

    1. That is true since im a southsider… takes ages to get there but the food there is 😍😍😍

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