New Eatery in Civic, Soi Noodle Bar

This morning, I was faced with the worst decision ever…where to eat?? For me I would just go to grab some pho or a bibimbap at my usual go-to restaurants in Civic. But today it was different. Mum somehow got first hand information from her friend, that there was a new eatery opened in Civic….

My favourite Korean restaurant, Chez Kimchi

My first encounter with korean food would have to be 15 years ago, when I was still in primary school. At lunch time, my korean friend would eat from his shiny metal lunch box, which was always filled with a variety of delicious korean delicacies, while I would be nibbling on my strawberry jam sandwich….

International pastry chef hidden in Weston?!

While on my stroll down at Weston, tired, hot and hungry, I attemped to find a place that would still be open at this time. Late afternoon. Walking pass all the restaurants, not a single one was open. This was because lunch service ended two hours ago. With little hope left I finished walking down…

Baos from The Fish Can

Located within the Westside Acton Park near the Lake Burley Griffin is the recently opened food vendor The Fish Can. From my first glance into the kitchen, I immediately recognised a familiar face, the owner of The Fish Shack. At first I was not 100 percent positive but upon examining the menu, one item instantly caught…