Monthly cousin catch up @ Doubleshot

Recently I had been catching up with two of my favourite cousins on a monthly basis. In the past, I would usually see them once a year on Chinese New Year. I say ‘favourite’ because we share similar interests. So at these ‘catch ups’ we talk about anything, family gossips included; food is always included. Our recent catch up, we met up at Doubleshot in Deakin.

Looking through their menu there were some items that caught my attention… Potato and feta rosti and Acai bowl. Unfortunately we arrived just minutes after breakfast service ended. I wasn’t disappointed as this would give me another excuse to come here again, hopefully for breakfast.

For drinks, we all ordered cold beverages as the weather that day was nearly 38ºC. I ordered the Refresher ($8). This was a cold pressed pineapple, cucumber and mint juice. I reckon I made a good choice because the pineapple and cucumber was really refreshing, while the mint had a slight cooling effect. When you take a sip, the first thing you taste is the sharp pineapple, then comes the cucumber and then followed by a subtle mint flavour.

Cousin K ordered the famous Peanut Butter Smoothie ($8). Banana, peanut butter, honey and almond milk. Perfect choice for people who are lactose intolerant. The first flavour you taste would be the banana and then you’ll be hit in face with peanut butter. There is also powdered peanut butter on the surface of the smoothie. Cousin K forgot to tell me but in the powdered peanut butter there is actually popping candy as well; it’s like a party in your mouth. Along with the other smoothies, you can add protein powder for an extra $2.

Cousin A wasn’t feeling too well the day before so she ordered the Vitamin C ($8). Cold pressed Valencia orange juice. Not a single sour note was tasted as these oranges are in season at the moment.

Refresher || Peanut butter smoothie || Vitamin C

For meals, cousin K ordered the Prawn Spaghettini ($29). Prawns, broccoli, and green peas with a lemon and mint gremolata tossed in spaghettini. The flavours were very balanced and there is also a hint of heat from the chillies in the gremolata. Cousin A ordered a Chicken Risotto ($26) with asparagus, speck, wild mushrooms and truffle oil. Unfortunately I didn’t take a photo of this. Cousin K secretly took a photo of the risotto and she was kind enough to let me use it.  She did enjoy the risotto,  but avoided the asparagus because she said consumption of asparagus will create excessive gas. I ordered the Piri Piri half Chicken ($26). This came with charred corn, crispy kipfler potatoes and a herb salsa. The chicken was cooked to perfection, the breast meat wasn’t dry or stringy; it was very well seasoned. The kipfler potatoes did live up to their name, they were crispy and fluffy at the same time. The corn was super juicy and sweet. The herb salsa was really addictive!! I had to dip not only the chicken but the potatoes and corn in it.

I cannot wait until our next catch up. But before our next catch up I think I may have to come again very soon to try their breakfast menu.


Address: Shop 7 Deakin Court, Deakin ACT 2600

Opening Hours:

Breakfast: Weekdays 7am – 11.30am. Weekends/Public Holidays 7.30am – 3pm

Lunch: Everyday 11.45am – 3pm



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  1. I keep meaning to get back to Doubleshot, but my last experience had me waiting a really long time for my coffee (when I was in a rush), so haven’t ventured back since. Peanut butter smoothie sounds the business, might haul butt outta bed and go get me one now. 🙂

    1. I went just as the lunch rush began, it was full in a matter of minutes but the service was still pretty smooth. I guess maybe we didnt order any coffees, only juices and smoothies. But you do have to tey the peanut butter one

  2. Thank you for sharing. Loved this review and loved the ideas for a cousins catch-up. I liked the sound of the pasta – must remember it as a lunch venue as Deakin is close enough from my work to get there quickly get far away enough to feel like you have genuinely left the office.

  3. Koichi says:

    Its good to see another food review. It has been a while since the last one. You seem to be able to eat a lot in one sitting. Do you regularly eat that much? It must get expensive to do that daily. I went to eat some of those Baos at Fish Can based on your recommendation and it was darn good I have to say. I look forward to your next outing.

    1. Hey thanks for visiting!! I usually eat out with others, this is probably why we order so much food in one sitting. Glad you liked the baos the Fish Can.

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